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:: 2018 U.S. Tariff and Trade Data for a specific product

Tariff data current through January 1, 2018. This site includes planned staged tariff reductions (where applicable) and 3-year (plus year-to-date) import data!

Enter either the first part of an HTS category number up to 8 digits--e.g., "8501" or "850110"--, or any part of a product description--e.g., "bovine", or "articho"--(without the "quotes"!) The search is not case-sensitive, so the results for "Bovine" will be the same as for "BoVinE"

User note: While the USITC publishes the HTS, the U.S. Customs Service interprets it. Contact the Customs offices with questions about how potential importations should be classified.
In the brief item descriptions, the abbreviation "NESOI" means not otherwise specified or included.